VIP tour Asia.,JSC is a team building service provider. We tailor-make team building with themed programs by combining best practices of tactExchange team building solutions with destination management services.
- Our values are Integrity, Trust and Humor
- Our mission is to optimize organizations through development of individuals.
- Our vision is to be the most reliable partner for development of people and organizations.
The term “tacExchange” symbolizes a “tacful interaction between two or more people in a department, team, or organization”.

How are tactExchange team building Solutions different?
1. Measurable improvements
We conduct pre-event surveys with participants to establish a baseline on how well the team is functioning. After the training event, the survey is repeated. Results are compared and specific areas of measurable improvements are analyzed. 
2. Theme focused environments
We set up venues to simulate realistic or exciting experiences. Themes may include carnivals, ice age, tropical rain forests, thunderstorms, rhythm nation and adventure trekking. Also available are business themes, including post-merger environments and culturally diverse settings.
3. We use "best practice" team building methodologies
The principles of team effectiveness are universal and applicable to all team members, whether they are new or have multiple years of experience. All our programs follow "best practices" including:
- Form, Storm, Norm and Perform
- Concepts from FISH!
- The core principles of "High Performance Team"
Our solutions look at critical moments in a team's evolution and how this impacts the team's productivity over time. Our trainers incorporate these key moments in the debriefing sessions where the learning points are related back to the workplace environment, encouraging new, more effective habits. 
4. Business relevance
Whilst we can provide events that are simply "fun and exciting", most clients prefer to incorporate relevant business issues in their team building programs. Our facilitators will have ascertained those issues with the client in advance and aim to address them in the design of the program
5. Continuity
The positive momentum created after a team building event can often dissipate quickly after the event is over. macsimize has simple, but effective, follow-up and reminder elements in our programs. Post-event gifts and rewards serve as continual reminders to practice the newly acquired team-oriented behaviors back in the workplace. 
6. Accredited facilitators
All facilitators running our tactExchange programmes are accredited and meet internal competency standards.
Companies who are using tactExchange include: BMW, Nokia, Siemens, Prudential Corporation, Rolls-Royce, Maersk, Sumitomo Corporation, American Airlines, ANZ Bank, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Maybank, Habubank

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